About Us




Alliance Machinery & Service Pte Ltd was formed in 1985 with a vision to advance woodworking industry in Singapore as well as the region. Alliance is wood at its heart, as we provide solution to vertical segments of the industry, from supply blades to sawmills , to procuring machines for processing of timber and wood panels, and also systems for the control of wood-dust.

Since 2010,  the second generation of leader has entered the company, bringing along forward looking visions as the company looks towards revenue growth.  Industrial 4.0 solutions are being studied and roll-out to bring greater benefits to our clients.

The Anti-Pollution division has also been expanded to include pollution control system and products for metalworking, chemical, pharmaceutical, composites, agricultural industry, aerospace and also automotive industry.


Our Services

  • Consultation & Implementation of Dust Control Solutions
  • Procure & Supply of Woodworking Machinery
  • Layout & Space Planning for Furniture Manufacturing
  • Project Management Services

Our Core Values

  • Understanding customer requirements
  • Open sharing of knowledge & know-how
  • Procuring quality equipment solutions
  • Prompt after-sales services
  • Staying ahead of market innovations